Physiotherapy for Seniors

Our experienced team of patient and caring therapists have made it their responsibility to find viable solutions for you and/or your loved ones.

Our goal is to improve aspects like safety, independence and overall quality of life by working on:

  • General weakness or deconditioning
  • Balance problems
  • Difficulty walking or a lack of mobility
  • Fall Prevention (See our video below)

Arranging services for your parents ?

Whether you are in the same city or out of town we will keep you up to date on their progress in real time (hopefully reducing some of your worries).

Many retirement homes in the Montreal area regularly recommended our services to their residents

Many homes have made us their number one choice because we provide their residents with top-notch services.


Below are some of the most common concerns people have before getting started. Here are what we tell people before we start
  1. “My parents memory isn’t very good” – We have experience working with all forms of dementia. While this can sometimes be an obstacle to success there are many ways we can still help
  2. “My mom is very old, I’m not sure how much can be done for her” – Age is just a number. We have worked with some 100 year olds that perform better than some 80 year olds !!! It all depends on their general health, attitude and willingness to improve
  3. “My dad can be very stubborn sometimes” – We are familiar with this type of client. We have many different strategies to try and optimize the results we get for our clients
Have any other concerns? Give us a call (514) 949-6280