About Physio en Route Inc.

Physio en Route Inc  was established to provide home care physiotherapy to those who can’t get to a clinic or those who prefer to be treated in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their home

Our company provides physiotherapy to those who need orthopedic, neurological, cardio respiratory or pelvic floor rehab.

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We work with people of all ages and are accustomed to working with seniors.

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We are a well known and trusted company in the home care community

We often collaborate with other home care providers and health care professionals to ensure you are getting the best possible and most complete treatment plan.


Most people have a lot of questions on what we do and how we do it. Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. Do we have the necessary equipment like a table, TENS machine, etc.? – YES WE DO. We bring all the required tools with us.
  2. Do we provide receipts for insurance and income tax purposes? – YES, WE DO. We have a computerized system for record keeping, and we provide all the necessary documents.
  3. Do our therapists have physiotherapy licenses? – YES, THEY DO. All our therapists are licenced with the OPPQ and keep up to date with continuing education courses.
  4. Are our services affordable? – YES, THEY ARE. We have reasonable fees to make it possible for more people to have access to our services. Ask about our reduced rate for seniors
  5. How many sessions will I need? – DEPENDS ON YOUR EVALUATION. Once your evaluation is completed we will create a treatment plan that is unique to your situation.

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